Purchasing a Property in Spain is a very important decision because it involves not just the purchase and payment of taxes, but in that offers a change in lifestyle for buyers, whether deciding to finally reside in Spain, or just to enjoy holidays with family and/or friends.

​We know that buyers in their home countries are accustomed to the conveyancing practice applied there, whether using solicitors or notaries to advise them on the purchase process. So for this reason we advise you to do the same in Spain.

Both the law and culture are different, and it does not makes sense to risk what in many cases are your lifetime savings, only to find problems in the future for not having received the appropriate legal advice in a timely manner.

It is regrettably a common situation in Spain, where certain; real estate agents, developers, banks, "Freelancers" or independent agents, who speak your language, or who have been living in Spain for a long time, try to convince you not to use the services of an independent lawyer in Spain; this can be a serious mistake.

What our clients say about our services

With our experience of over 15 years advising clients in purchasing property, it is important that you receive advice right from the beginning, before signing any documents or paying deposits that could leave you compromised in the long run.